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Labrinthos (2023)

Alex Long-Sound Recordist/ Sound Editor

"A character study of a man attempting to cope with his abusive father’s impending death. In an impulsive effort to break through, he submits himself to a hallucinatory journey in search of something..."
This project is deeply influential to me, representing the culmination of 4 years of creative collaboration with Director Daniel Aguilar. I captured audio and assisted in sound editing to bring this incredible and personal film to life.

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Your Highness- Vicious Summer

A music video that I directed with the unique concept of using mirrors as camera angles with a vintage look and feel. A great collaborative effort with the amazing musicians and performers of Vicious Summer.

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Duérmete Mi Niño (2019)

Alex Long-Director of Photography

I had a great time working on this film. When Daniel Aguilar first pitched the script and vision for this film, I was hooked by his vivid storytelling and characters.  I worked as the Director of Photography and Main Camera Operator. Over the course of several weeks of hard work shooting the film the final project is a beautiful and emotional piece.

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Cat Colony (2019)

A documentary short about stray cats in a small town in western New York, and the women working to improve their lives.

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Machinations (2018)

This is a film I produced for my first year thesis. No dialog, no music. A man finds a strange artifact that bends minds, a compels them to give it sacrifice.

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METRO (2017)

A short observing the MTA in New York City and the people who use it.

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