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About Me

And what does "sweater thread" mean anyways?

I'm a filmmaker and artist from Upstate New York, I have always been drawn to any creative outlet I could find, but I have found my calling in the visual arts, and more specifically the motion picture.
Currently my main work lies in filming documentary and non-fiction work, as well as directing and filming music videos.
I decided to put everything I do under one brand, hence "Sweater Thread Media". I came up with this name because I almost always wore a sweater when I worked on film crews, and more often than not there would be some rip, or loose thread on it.
If you'd like to see my previous work, you can view my show reel page, and enjoy the many film and projects I've been a part of so far. If you want to know more about my work or about my services feel free to contact me!

About Me: Bio
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